Encore un joli trendy danaïk, avec tuto de Sophie et explication du blocage - Trendy Châle bordeaux - Une souris dans mon dressing

Wearing a shawl will make you look cool as well as help you protect from cold weathers. This nicely designed bordeaux shawl was crafted with knitting method. As you can see, the shawl is not a simple one but a very complicated one on the contrary. Colorful classy shawls are mostly preffered modern fashion accessories that almost all enthusiast would recommend in winder months.

If you consider knitting a shawl like this one, you will need a comprehensive tutorial for that. However there are many knitting blogs and Youtube channels that offer tep by step instructions. Following such sources may be very helpful to craft a such gorgeous accessory.

Full size is 536X800 (Link to full-size image) pixels.
Source: unesourisdansmondressing.com

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