No Sew Underwire Bra Repair {Easy!} or what to do when your bras bone is poking out! diy viral

It’s always annoying trouble for every woman. The place where we stopped when the brassiere came out from the center or the edge. The brand new brassiere can be used for neither throwing nor disturbing. There is a very simple repair method. The only thing you need is a piece of tape. You can easily find them in your pharmacies. It has a much stronger adhesive property than the wound band. In short, the wound band will not work in this case. Just put it in place and paste it with a piece of plaster tape and keep using your bra like your old one. You can take out the patties before washing and wash and stick the new ones after you have dried them. If you do not remove the band while washing your bra, the machine may clog the pipes of the machine due to the effect of water. Be careful in this regard.

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