Ravelry: hgd11s Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts


The winter has already come along with freezing cold weathers . Therefore thick clothes to keep warm  and protect from the cold will swathe vulnerable bodies . Fingerless mitts are one of those preffered accessories in winter days. A nicely knitted fingerless mitt protects tender fingers  of our beloved kids.

Knitting a fingerless mitt is not as easy it may seem but of course if you decide to learn the knitting art as a hobby, it would be a joyful activity for you to craft a such cute mitt. It can be knitted in any size of your choice. Whether it is for a kid or an adult person, these fingerless mitts are best to count on in cold weathers.

Full size is 371X500 (Link to full-size image) pixels.
Source: ravelry.com

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