Crochet Corner to Corner Afghan Tutorial OMG!!! FINALLY! Ive been trying to figure out how my grandmother made a recently found afghan (she died MANY years ago) and this is it! I had been going crazy about this!!!Knitting is a hand job that many of your loved ones, more or less know, try to do. In the depths of the culture, the first technique that comes to mind is handmade. We wanted to make sharing, which is made up of simple knitting models which are easy for beginners to begin with, showing the making of these models and starting. Let’s start with the most practical, simple models so that even those who know least can step into the world of knitting. You can start by experimenting with a little thicker and swollen; whichever is in your house. If there is no material, then buy a relatively thick skewer, such as number 8, and thick wools. So you can make more comfortable stitches, wool and bottles can master better, you can finish your knitting in a shorter time.

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